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Mexico City. It was known that the organizer of the program come joy The cast is about to leave as powerful changes are coming Aztec TV And he will no longer be the darling of executives. As part of the program, the famous Dr today And there was a word romance With a strong executive Televisawho sent veto All television stations after their separation.

It’s about beautiful Annette Kuburuwho is successful as an actress besides driving. He began his career at the Sun Angel Company and appeared in defunct programs What is happening to us? And then some Women, in real life. However, in 1999 he moved to Azusco television station to produce telenovelas. the candidateAfter joining the cast of With a woman’s stamp And even driven AM Newscast.

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After several years of marriage, businessman Md Alexander BenitezHaving held an important position in Televisa, Annette chose to return to her old ‘home’ in 2008 and joined the cast of today. Recently, the Baja California native shocked viewers by admitting that she has never had a good relationship with her partner. Andrea Lagarettawhom she alleged had misbehaved with her during her morning stay.

I think Andrea has a way of being and she’s not everyone’s friend, she decides who she’s friends with and we’ve never been friends… People who don’t want to be my friends don’t have to be, or I need them,” she told Mara Patricia. said in an interview with Castaneda.

Annette was part of the ‘yes’

While it is believed that Kyuburu may be banned from Televisa due to this strong allegation, it has now come to light that his future at TV Azteca is in jeopardy and he will likely quit hosting. VLA. According to YouTube channel information chacaleoPresenter of 47 years Azusko may later leave the post Sandra Semester Resigned to go Telemundo.

Anette Cuburu will be the first to be fired come joyTV was left without a protective godmother among the Aztecs,” they reported.

Annette Sandra was one of Semester’s favorites

The aforementioned portal recalled that it was Sandra and the deceased Alberto Ciurana who reactivated Annette on television after her ex-husband sent her away veto of “All Television Stations”. Perhaps since the host rejoined TV Azteca in 2018, he has always been under Smester’s protection, but now that he is about to leave his position at the channel, his job opportunities will be over.

Supposedly when the executive leaves the television station “heads will roll” and must be the first farewell ceremony Kyuburu would: “He was one of Sandra’s special guests and now he will be homeless, thanks to him he has a job because he was banned from all the television stations.” Guerra is likely worried about the prospect of being unemployed, but he plans to look for work TelemundoWhere Smester is assembled.

“Annette is already serious about casting to begin work at Telemundo and is said to announce her departure from Azusco soon,” they added.

Sources: Tribune and YouTube Chakalio

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