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Mexico City. A famous former driver come joyfrom which was rejected Today’s program of Televisa and was criticized ‘Abuse’ surgerymay be farewell ceremony of Aztec TV. It’s about Puerto Ricans Vanessa ClaudioWho is currently a starter on the show at the extremeHowever, after the resignation of the executive council Sandra Semester Y Press the leaf Sounds like his potential replacement, rumored to cost him his job.

YouTube channel has given this news chacaleowho noted that Vanessa may be the first to be considered for dismissal due to the alleged order. Press the leaf: “Do not owe it or fear it, Vanessa Claudio will soon be out of a job, because after the departure of her godmother Sandra Semester from TV Azteca, the television station is already preparing a change in programming and the host will have to pay for it. Broken dishes – cause Perhaps the ‘Al Extremo’ campaign stops,” the channel reported.

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It will be thought that only a few days ago it was the executive Sandra Semester Resigned from the company to go Telemundo. With the departure of the directive, changes to the schedule are prepared, such as a possible cut of the program at the extremeWhere the Puerto Rican owns, pay it the window. And that is the journalist Dr Press the leaf He is the number one candidate to replace Sandra, as he has been an executive in the past and has been with Television Azteca for over 28 years.

Sandra Semester has resigned from TV Azteca

Although it has not been confirmed, Chakalio channel reported that several productions might not want to take on Patti, as it would be possible. lay offincluding Claudius. The model and host started her career in Televisa but later studied TV Azteca CEFAT. He ended up entering the morning as a driver come joywhich he decided to resign in 2019. In 2020 he left Azusco for Telemundo and then Turkeywhere he hosted a reality show.

After leaving the country, there were rumors that he would join acting Today’s program However, the producer Andrea Rodriguez He denied it, stating that it had not been contemplated. Furthermore, when he reappeared in Azteca, his presence caused a tremendous scandal, as he was accused of “The Surgery of Abuse“and show”distorted and unrecognizable“, she denied doing anything to her face and attributed it to her physical changes”.extra kilos

Sandra was in charge of bringing him back to Mexico and making his title at the extreme After its departure Carmen MunozHowever, it is said that they will soon take air time: “Patti is very upset with the executives because a few weeks ago they took half an hour from Ventanendo to give it to the TV show. Rocio Sanchez AzuaraWell, according to what they say, he has high ratings.” Because of this, they say that to recover his half hour, Chapoy will plan to disappear from the program hosted by Vanessa.

Apparently it will be next month when the changes begin at TV Azteca, so for now he will have to take advantage of the time he has left as co-host of 20 years of La Academia.”

Finally, the channel assured that although the viewers confirm that Ventanendo will be less and less innovative and will constantly criticize the current cast of hosts, if it is confirmed that there will be a change, Vanessa will have to “think very carefully about the strategy to continue in her. Azteca or Casting for Television Productions”. It should be noted that the information has not been confirmed by an official source, so it remains speculation.

Source: Tribune

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