Karen Ruiz, who is one of the most popular women on social networks today, never thought she would achieve such fame at such a young age and only wanted to help her family after becoming a nurse; However, his life takes a drastic turn after he sneaks into television Monterey, new the lionAnd began to attract royal public attention.

Although the 21-year-old model struggled a bit during her time in the media, she managed to impose herself and make a name for herself, as she also presented on various night shows. This gave him the courage to enter the platform Only devoteesOn the advice of a friend, finances have been a problem for him and his family ever since.

Karely Ruiz sold sweets as a child to support her parents (Photo: Instagram @karelyruiz)

Popularity throughout Mexico later gained, at its invitation andrew Garcia, visit him at his home in Guerrero for his YouTube channel. Until then, it caused surprise, but the surprise was achieved when the actor was admitted to the hospital a day later and everyone pointed to him as the “responsible”.

Many channels on this platform extended invitations Karen Ruiz Talking about her personal and professional life, many questions were raised about the sighing woman on social networks. Then it was revealed how much he had earned in the exclusive content platform, which took his parents out of work and his future plans.

Carelli Ruiz fans are confused to see her next to her sister

Being an influencer, Carelli Ruiz is very active on her social networks to stay close to her audience and, of course, to gain advertising and subscribers for her two OnlyFans accounts. She does this through pictures and videos where she is seen in outfits that raise the temperature among her fans.

Carelli Ruiz and her sister Alexia look alike (Image: Screenshot)

In many snapshots she is seen with some friends, Celia Tia bird It is one of the most recognized. Similarly, he also appears with a mysterious young woman who calls herself ale hmmWho is her younger sister and whom she does not present on this virtual platform.

During their last outing, they both thought of wearing almost the same outfit because they just loved the outfit. The bad thing about this is that they created confusion among fans who came to ask for a photo to remember: “Hey, who’s who, because they say we look a lot like the way we walk,” he described in an Instagram story.

Both were completely dressed in a costume, masks and black glasses. Similarly, her hair is long, straight and black. No wonder his followers were confused, because Alexia (Carelli Ruiz’s sister’s full name) is as beautiful as she is.

Karely Ruiz and her sister Alexia (Photo: Instagram @karelyruiz)

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