In the final stretch of the golden age of cinema in Mexico, a large number of child stars emerged, and one of these luminaries was a child. Paquito Fernandezwhose most memorable performance is “Chavita” in “Raquel’s Bolero” Calculate the credit shared with “Cantineflus”, So this time we will take a brief tour of his meteoric career and we will show you what he looks like currently.

Date and place of birth Francis Fernandez It is not very clear, nor is it known who his parents were and how he was able to start his artistic career, but what is certain is that It was in 1955 when he made his film debut With a small intervention called film “The X-Woman” which was performed by Libertad Lamarck and due to his natural talent, he was considered to participate in the same year “Life is worthless”.

Paquito Fernandez’s best known character was “Chavita”. Photo: Special

After his first experience in cinema, in 1956, Paquito Fernandez’s career was internationalized because he participated in the Spanish film “Veleta Cura”. Where he left a good impression and was considered a star upon his return to Mexico “Raquel’s Bolero”where he shared the credit Mario Moreno “Cantinflus”who had already consolidated as one of the greatest comic figures of Mexico’s Golden Age of Cinema.

It is assumed that in “El Bolero de Raquel”, Paquito Fernandez He would have been about seven years old and played the role in that tape “Chavita”The one in the picture was his son wild flower And Mario Moreno is the god of “Cantinflus”, with whom he lives all kinds of adventures. It is worth mentioning His performance earned him an Ariel Award nomination for Best Child Actor And although he was not able to maintain this distinction, it was a good incentive to continue his distinguished artistic career.

Pacito Fernandez also shines in “Thumb”. Photo: Special

After his successful collaboration with “Cantinflus”, Paquito Fernandez There was a guest appearance “finger”A film starring another budding child star, Cesaro Quezadas And not content with that, he also got the chance to appear “who sleeps with children” beside German Valdes “Tin Tan””, another great comic reference to the National Film.

Paquito Fernandez (right) “The one who sleeps with the children”, photo: Special

What happened to Paquito Fernandez?

In the early 1960s, Paquito Fernandez participated in a few other films, however, Suddenly art disappeared from the scene He remained unknown for decades, which gave rise to all sorts of rumors and speculations about him.

Until just a couple of years ago, The former child star’s social contacts have been found on various internet portalsWhere he distinguished himself as the actor who gave life to the role of “Chavita” in “El Bolero de Raquel”, however, He has never given an interview to clarify what he has dedicated himself to all these years, However, it has only been possible to see that he is already an old man who, theoretically, should be about 70 years old.

This is what “Chavita” currently looks like. Photo: FB: Francisco Fernandez

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