• It is assumed that Millennium Y century They will represent 75 percent of the global workforce.

  • The century They represented 32 percent of the world’s population in 2019 alone.

  • In Mexico, Generation Z represents 36 percent of the total census, according to INEGI.

Strong economic crisis, inflation and the Covid-19 pandemic have changed the way of life for many. In view of this, a new survey has been conducted Wanpole and Kelly Blue Book Service AdvisorsManifest that generation Millennium Y century They regret buying a car.

For many people, owning a car is a priority. According to published data Focus2move, China, USA and Japan, They are the countries where the most cars are sold, with 86.5 million cars sold in 2014 alone.

Similarly, another survey conducted by OICA highlighted that China will become the country with the highest car sales in 2021 after selling more than 26 million units. In this sense, in the United States, GoodCarBadCar.net survey data shows that in 2021, the Toyota brand is a company that sold about 2.3 million cars in the country.

its car Millennium Y century

The survey was conducted and commissioned by OnePoll Kelly Blue Book Service Advisorrevealed that nearly six in ten adults who drive America regrets the car they bought just before inflation kicks in in 2021.

According to the report, the increase in gasoline prices and other sectors led to the increase in spending 42 percent of those surveyed are looking for a better-paying job or additional employment to cover maintenance costs.

While another 40 percent turned to the do-it-yourself method of fixing their problematic cars.

The survey was conducted where two thousand American drivers, one thousand each of generations Y and Z It found that 69 percent are considering getting rid of their car for one reason or another.

Given this, the report revealed that young drivers will refrain from investigating as long as possible when sending their car to a mechanic shop with faults.

“57 percent agree that keeping the car they already own is more cost-effective than starting with a newer, more expensive model.”The survey says.

The Millennium And century They look for other satisfactions while buying a car. Unlike their parents, those born between 1946 and 1976 place a greater emphasis on fuel consumption; Quality of audio, communication and navigation systems, and interior materials. This is known in a study conducted by Nissan in the United States The younger generation of car buyers have a strong interest in the sedan segment.

Given this, younger consumers are more inclined towards comfort, connectivity and functionality, so brands dedicated to this industry are adapting to them.

“In this unpredictable economic landscape, it’s important to maximize the value of your vehicle. Not only will you extend its life and save money by not delaying maintenance, but you’ll also be more likely to sell it for a better price, a Kelly Blue Book spokesperson said in a statement to Southwest News Service.

In conclusion, the new generation is changing many industries, while most are adapting The tastes and preferences of these consumers are entering the global labor market every day.

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