• With a WhatsApp group of over 70 members, a microbus driver has managed to gain the trust of passengers.

  • In 2021, according to INEGI data, about 100 million people used public transportation in Mexico.

  • Uber, a personal transportation app, reported growth of up to 136 percent in the first quarter of 2022.

On social networks, a case of a minibus driver who decided to create a WhatsApp group to keep in touch with passengers has gone viral. and, thereby, prevent them from having to wait long for the arrival of transport.

In cities like the Mexican capital, which, According to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), it has more than nine million inhabitants.The use of platforms like Uber, DD, Bit, etc. has benefited a significant number of users.

Whether for convenience, pleasure or even necessity, every platform available on the market has been able to win the hearts of users, although on the other hand, criticism about high rates means that, slowly, public transport is going to be one of the most used systems.

Microbusero creates a group on WhatsApp and thus informs the passengers

Similarly, data from INGEI indicates that by 2021, About 100 million people were transported by public urban passenger transport systems. 2.8 percent more people than the previous month (May); When compared to the same month in 2020, a 58.6 percent increase was observed.

Now, what is clear is that public transport will continue to be vital for people in big cities, which is why, given the rise of personal car apps, some initiatives have started to capture passengers.

The same thing started happening to a Mircobus driver, who decided to create a group on WhatsApp to notify passengers when they cross their route to prevent them from waiting unnecessarily.

According to a post on Twitter, It has been revealed that the driver has around 77 members in his group and to communicate with them, he sends audio To let people know when it’s coming.

“We’re going to get the 9th of July, just guys, let’s go. Come on, it’s late today, the team will understand when they see me”; “Guys, I’m coming out of the mountain… fast and ‘furious'”, can be heard in some audio sent by the driver, who apparently responded with Miguel’s name.

With the advent of Uber, DiDi and other platforms, people’s mobility has changed significantly, as we are talking about places that offer more comfort and in some cases special treatment.

Today, in a context where people are returning to their jobs and other activities, the growth of mobile apps is undeniable.

only Uber, in the first quarter of 2022, reported 136 percent growthThe company generated revenue of up to $6,854 million as mentioned.

Given this, and in the midst of a global crisis, some entrepreneurial ventures have stood out, as in the case of minibus drivers or others.

A few months ago, the incident of a young man, To attract the attention of customers on the street, he adopted a special strategywhich he shared through TikTok.


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Nowadays, entrepreneurial ventures are vital in an era where social networks have become a great window.

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