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Mexico City. A famous actress and singer, who was working Televisa soap opera But he made his debut in the ranks in 2021 Aztec TVLeave the television station Ricardo Salinas Pleego for Return to San AngelWhere it hits come out of the closet And reveal that he was Married to a woman for 4 years After being separated from her daughter’s father. about Regina Orozco, who appeared on the show excuse meWhere she talks about her work plans and opens up about her lesbian romance.

Orozco, who participated in the telenovela My husband has a family In 2018, however, this 2021 joined the reality show Everyone dances He was also on shows like this where he was a judge the window with Press the leaf Y come joyAnyway, back now San Angel Company Where she finally opened up about him Relationship with another woman. Although the artist himself avoided defining his orientation, he declared himself as PansexualWhich means he will fall in love with anyone regardless of gender.

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The singer was present at the event excuse meBroadcast by Unicable and hosted by Martha Figueroa Y John Joseph OriginIt then became shocking where came out of the closet And admit that he was Married 4 years with a woman Yes, Orozco revealed that he admitted on the program that he had a long 4-year relationship with a woman, but he claims to have had a very good relationship with the male sex. After recalling her long friendship with the driver, the actress also revealed her work plans.

And it will be shown in Regina on August 13 Metropolitan Theatre Including ‘Canciones para ironing’ from CDMX, presentation that includes songs from the 90s. “I’m going to sing like it’s one of those cassettes they sold you Chavacano Subway“, he shared that he will be singing Luis Miguelof John Gabriel, Anna Gabriel. Regarding the latter, he assured that he had changed just friends A just friendsBecause of which Papillo asked him directly:

“Do you have a girlfriend?” “Yes!” he replied. “Bored?”, “No, a… Jimena CuevasRegina replied. “I asked a lot… didn’t I?” That appeared in the little magazine, but it was 4 years. A wife, because you see all lesbians get married and I follow suit. They all wear wedding veils,” she said with a laugh, confirming that she was single for the time being, though she couldn’t help but note that she had had some pretty good experiences with men as well. “But no less than 18 because if not later, the old woman in prison. , no ma…, no,” he added.

After being there, the singer also raised that issue Problems with your weightBesides admitting that in the past she had done diets that affected her Metabolism and even surgery Which puts him at risk of death, he feels physically at his best. After 2001 Managed to lose 17 kilosBut since he could not maintain his weight, he ended up a nirvana Gastric bandWhich her body rejected and had to enter the operating room, saying: “I feel curves and chin… any skinny, fat, short body…”, she concluded.

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