Mexico City. After 15 years on the air Today’s programReveal one of the driver’s worst enemies Galilea Montejo His replacement will be one Television morningIn addition to this Filter a video Tapatia drowned in tears In full broadcast. What is it about? As you may recall, rumors have been swirling since late last year that Galli would seek an opportunity Univision Now you are at your end Exclusivity AgreementBut nothing has been confirmed so far.

The presenter, who is 27 years old Sun Angel TV, he denied that he would be leaving the program permanently, though he was absent for several days as he announced that he would be going on vacation for a few weeks. He is not in the picture this time, his replacement is nothing more and nothing less Marisol Gonzalez, who was part of the cast but quit last year for personal reasons. Although he clarified that it was for his family, it was referred to him bad relationship with abuse

Does Galilee leave Montejo ‘is’?

According to its YouTube channel BorlotExecutives are already considering Marisol’s return, as Cohellence will regret leaving today And I want to come back. “During the 15 years that Galilea Montejo was the host of ‘Hoy,’ she was in charge of evicting her program partners who she didn’t get along with. But Galilee didn’t think that one of her worst enemy Will return to replace her on the air, as Marisol returns to the Televisa morning show to the surprise of many.

The channel also reported that Galilea contributed to Marisol’s departure because of her rocky relationshipWhich has already been proven by various media and journalists Alex Coffey. The so-called ‘villain of the show’ shows that the former beauty queen decided to leave because allegedly “she was fed up with the hostility with which one of the headlines of the morning has always treated her”, referring to the woman from Guadalajara, who in recent days has already passed this Year knows about the end of his contract with the television station.

“Producer Andrea Rodriguez He called Marisol to cover Montejo’s vacation (…) According to some media, the real reason (for her departure) was that she couldn’t stand Galileo’s misbehavior. It is well known that Gali has an eternal case with her companions because she sees them as direct competition (…) Galilia is not happy at all because it is said that Marisol Hoy wants to keep her place,” the channel said.

Montejo did not even appear on social networks during his vacation, so the channel speculates that although he is spending time with his family, he can hide that he will be Auditioning in America As various portals reported it. And it is that after several scandals, the image of Guadalajara received a serious blow, for which many assure that it will want to start from scratch in the American market.

It is worth mentioning that the aforementioned information has not yet been confirmed by the company or Galli itself, so we will have to wait to know what the truth is. On the other hand, Montejo was seen breaking down in tears on the Monday, August 8, morning broadcast, but not because of anything recent, but because they remembered headlines like his, Andrea Lagaretta And Andrea Escalona announced them pregnancy.

The 2012 video shows the Guadalajara woman marrying her husband Queen Ferdinand And it couldn’t be helped to cry and apply very emotional In the morning her colleagues learn that she is expecting her first child, MatthewWho is now 10 years old. And it is that the little one is the light of her eyes, so much so that she has been with him in several programs over the years, until now, because Gali admits that she already I beg you Those who don’t want to appear on television.

He doesn’t like it, as a child he made ‘TV, my mother and work’. Now he tells me: ‘No mom, it’s not right’. It’s because he already likes little girls at school, at a certain age, so he doesn’t want to go out anymore,” he commented.

Source: Tribune

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