WhatsApp It is still the favorite application of many for chatting. With it you can exchange not only text but also numerous elements like GIFs and fun personalized stickers. But you should always know everything inside the app.

Do you know why you should delete the cache? WhatsApp? Some say to save space, others simply associate chats with complete deletion. Although both are false, today we will tell you what it is for.

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Why You Should Clear WhatsApp Cache Memory

  • One reason for this is that all the junk files are stored there, which are usually only used to install applications on your mobile.
  • Similarly, cash also has considerable weight. It can consume up to 1 GB of your mobile storage if you don’t delete it frequently.
  • If sometimes WhatsApp starts failing, either sending messages or functions you want don’t appear, it’s because there are cache bugs.
Do you want to know why you should always delete or clear WhatsApp cache?  (Photo: MAG - Romel Yupanky)
Do you want to know why you should always delete or clear WhatsApp cache? (Photo: MAG – Romel Yupanky)
  • To delete WhatsApp cache you need to go to settings.
  • Then search for WhatsApp in Applications and there.
  • You must click on the section where “Storage and Data” is written.
  • There you will see the option to delete WhatsApp cache.

How to save data on WhatsApp when I make a call or video call

  • First you need to login to WhatsApp.
  • From there go to Application Settings.
  • Now click where Storage and data are written.
  • In the network section you will see a tab that says “Use less data for calls”.
  • Once you activate it, you can make as many calls as you want.
  • This will prevent your mega pack from draining too quickly, if you have the minimum.
  • The most recommended thing is that you do not call or video call on WhatsApp but use traditional communication.

How to see what your friends name on WhatsApp

  • The first thing is to write your contact list.
  • There you must delete the cell phone number of the contact you want to know whose name is saved on WhatsApp.
  • When you are done doing this, now go to WhatsApp.
  • Click on the deleted contact and enter the conversation.
  • You will see their profile picture. Approach him and his information will be broken.
  • Below the cell phone number you can see the name you were given when you created your WhatsApp.
  • This name can be displayed with the last name or only with some emojis.

Difference Between WhatsApp Message and Status Response

  • As we mentioned earlier, message feedback is now an official feature WhatsAppMeanwhile, status reactions are only available in WhatsApp beta for Android users.
  • You can use all the emoticons you want with message reactions, WhatsApp stores more than 3 thousand, however, with status reactions you only have 8 emojis to choose from: “smiling face with heart eyes”, “crying face happy”, “open mouth” Face With”, “Crying Face”, “Hands Together”, “Hands Clap”, “Party Popper” and “One Hundred Points”.

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