• It is estimated that an average Mexican produces a little over 1.86 kilos of garbage per day.

  • It is estimated that the entertainment industry in Mexico generates just over 4 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP).

  • Among its strategies MarketingThe use of sustainable products has become increasingly common.

In the new post-pandemic normality, various concepts have been developed that are more than just a trend, since they are established as an important part of personal and social development; Therefore, aspects such as health care, mental stability and care for the environment are part of the new change in ideology that has developed from the global crisis, a situation that has an impact on the new generation above all, Those who seek more actively to be conscious and sustainableIn the case of a network user that has gone viral in the past few hours, because of his actions In the middle of the group they showed failure Marketing festive green, Actions that lead to influencing the digital community, create different reactions.

It is now assumed that entertainment culture includes festivals, concerts and other events within the national territory. Just over 4 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). from the country, Which exceeds 22 thousand 400 million dollars and is expected to exceed $26 billion by 2024.

However, as indicated by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), A person generates approximately 1.86 kg of garbage per day, When calculated for everyone who attends a music festival with a capacity of 90,000 attendees, this reflects that over 62 tons of trash can be generated in one day.

In addition to social benefits, companies have to change their structure, face fines, closure, administrative arrest, confiscation and suspension or revocation of concessions, licenses, permits or approvals granted by the government, as under the law. The General Law of Environmental Balance and Environmental Protection (lGeepA), has led brands such as Burger King to change their packaging while Coca Cola has created a campaign aimed at sustainable wellness and 100 percent recyclable green containers.

They show lack Marketing Green in the festival

A reality in which consumers have become increasingly demanding, such as aspects Marketing Green, has assumed great importance, from It can be defined as actions taken, both at the communication level and at the supply or business level, that seek to be more sustainable and less polluting; However, these actions can fail, as shown by a user on the network, who has gone viral in recent hours, after deciding to collect numerous plastic cups, waste from the festival. Low Festival, Benidorm.

@mandream07 I wish we were all so responsible when partying 🤣🤣🤣 #chicatop ♬ Original Words – Andreea MM

In the current context, consumers are increasingly demanding about the operations of companies, a factor that has led industries to change their consumption habits to accommodate people’s preferences, such as in the entertainment sector, Such as concerts and festivals, who have tried to adopt proposals to reduce the negative environmental impact generated

Vive Latino is an example of green marketing, attempting to create a culture of recycling by exchanging accumulated drink glasses for official event merchandise; Coldplay, during its tour of Mexico, reduced the carbon emissions of the tour by 50 percent, making it one of the most important examples of sustainability in concert.

Sustainability in the use of plastics and energy is a recurring concern among consumers, which is why the sector seeks sustainable development, which focuses on at least three points indicated by green marketing, these are as follows:

  • Product redesign, optimizing materials and promoting recycling.
  • Explore energy efficiency in terms of industrial development.
  • Improve product value chain.

Daily acts of environmental care that can go viral within networks, allowing users to inspire their own actions, creating sustainable supply chains for the benefit of the planet.

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