• Although it is not suggested that a brand does not care if they say good or bad about it, it is true that there are many brands, individuals or organizations that want to gain visibility even in the midst of controversy.

  • In a late 2020 survey of consumers in the United States, 12 percent of respondents said they found controversial ads more engaging than conventional ads; 51 Think otherwise.

  • In that sense, whether it’s sharing controversial opinions on social networks or annoying others on stage, Kanye West always manages to make headlines and exploit his personal brand.

American rapper kanye west, I know as well “yes”, Currently one of the most controversial figures in the digital spotlight. He is best known for his relationship with music Kim Kardashian And his questionable behavior, Kanye often dominates the news headlines. nevertheless, Those debates gave a “yeah”. Marketing More effective.

This time through their social media, kanye west Pete Davidson’s death announcement by an imitation of “The New York Times” with the headline: “Skate Davidson Dies at 28”

Within an hour, the publication received over a million interactions from the rapper’s fans.

the west Previously dubbed as a “Marketing genius For many of their actions related to music or product launches. A big part of your strategy Marketing What you do or think is “filtered”. This means that people either love him or hate him, but either way, everyone knows what he does.

Whether you’re sharing controversial opinions on social media or bothering others on stage, kanye He always managed to get the news. Not only that, his unpredictable behavior constantly keeps everyone on their toes.

In 2020, for example, Kanye West wanted to present himself as a candidate for the president of the United States, he revealed Twitter A picture of him peeing on an award statue Villager and said that Kim Kardashian wanted to “kidnap” him.

In that sense, debate is one of his most used techniques.

Although it is not at all desirable that a brand does not care if they say good or bad about it, it is true that there are many brands, individuals or companies who want to gain visibility by creating controversy.

Controversial campaigns are guaranteed to generate conversationEither for right or wrong reasons. This is especially true today, in a world where we all have multiple digital platforms to share content, express opinions, and engage in discussions with others.

Controversial content, by nature, hurts certain groups. If a brand refuses status quo Or push the limits, not everyone will be happy about it. We live in a world where PC culture abounds and people seem more insensitive than ever. But without a doubt, he isMarketing controversy can be an effective way to get noticed, which is why some brands deliberately look for ways to make a splash.

For example, the former quarterback with the Nike commercial The NFL Colin Kaepernick, as the centerpiece of his campaign “Some Faith”, This was one of the most controversial announcements in recent times.

The ad requested Nike A storm of controversy was already raging around Kaepernick, who inspired a player protest movement by kneeling during the national anthem during games. It was a strategy that risked alienating countless customers.

But whether you think it’s significant or in poor taste, it’s clear that the campaign has proven incredibly successful, especially with consumers. Millennials and Gen Z Those who want their brand to take a stand on social justice issues. The campaign, which Kaepernick announced in a simple tweet, generated at least $43 million in free advertising Nike. Sales rose 31 percent and its share price hit an all-time high after the announcement.

In this case, kanye west Nicknamed Pete Davidson “skate” His public feud with the comedian came when he started dating his ex-wife. West, 45, also attacked Davidson, 28, in the music video for his song “Easy,” in which he “buried” the comedian alive.

A source close to Kardashian, 41, confirmed the news Page Six That’s Friday The couple broke up after nine months of dating. which, kanye west He knew how to take advantage of the best ways to promote himself, yet again, intentionally or not, Kanye knows how to get everyone talking about him.

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