Dr. Simi's Teddy has been the hero of the moment (Image: Twitter)
Dr. Simi’s Teddy has been the hero of the moment (Image: Twitter)

Its botergas Dr. Simi They are no longer the only viral symbol of similar pharmacy, as Mexicans have taken it upon themselves to create their stuffed animal statue as a reminder of the great artists who traveled the Aztec lands.The new trend is to throw them on stage during concertsHowever, the expected results are not always available.

A recent incident in Toronto, Canada has rekindled public interest in learning more about the trend. Lady Gaga will be hit in the face by a Dr. Simi Time to go on a world tour chromatica ballThis case is an example of how bad things can happen when performing famously trend.

On social networks, the viral moment has caused a question to be debated and explored deeply: Why do Mexicans throw Dr. Simi stuffed animals on the stage of celebrities? The answer does not pass many years or mysteries, since the first case happened in November 2021, during the presentation of the Norwegian singer dawn at the festival Capital crown In Mexico City, this is the main point that has created an entire movement that will obviously continue to grow as more artists of international stature decide to set foot in Aztec land, or not bring their tours, as was the case with Lady Gaga.

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The “Bad Romance” performer was hit in the face with a Dr. Simi stuffed animal (Photo: Twitter / @Preggaetonera)

festival Capital crown 2021 in Mexico City did not mark the return of the grand event after months of total confinement due to the COVD-19 pandemic that put a complete stop to all entertainment events with spectators present, but it is also considered the beginning. Similar pharmacy image tends to win.

The Norwegian singer’s performance took place in a natural way when a fan threw the stuffed animal on stage, prompting an unexpected, but funny, reaction: The artist picked him up, hugged him, returned him to the floor and smiled at his audienceEverything was being recorded on video of the concert transmission and became extremely viral, which was soon repeated by more people along with other great celebrities.

Funny pictures sneaked into concerts of bands responsible for great pop hits Hymns for the weekend, something like this Y Scientist In Monterey, with a very funny response from his vocalist, Chris Martin.

During the performance, a girl throws a stuffed animal of Dr. Simi on stage, causing the singer to pick it up and read the name of the person who threw it, later. Put it on your shoulder and carry it for a short time Traveling and performing on all stages.

On March 30, 2022, at Foro Sol in Mexico City, the image was also cast during the group’s presentation. On that occasion, a Mexican fan who shared his testimony on social networks after it went viral gave assurances He did this because it was his favorite band and he wanted to give them as a token of affection and Mexican hospitality. Along with the popular stuffed animals, creates great controversy but also lots of fun.

Only international artists' favorite stuffed animals are released (Photo: Twitter/@carlo-sandvl1)
Only international artists’ favorite stuffed animals are released (Photo: Twitter/@carlo-sandvl1)
The stuffed animal has become a very Mexican symbol (Photo: Facebook/Similar Pharmacy)
The stuffed animal has become a very Mexican symbol (Photo: Facebook/Similar Pharmacy)

The shyness may ease after seeing the cases and testimonials of fans who have accomplished such feats: the trend is created because Dr. Simi’s stuffed animal has become a very strange symbol of Mexicobeing Something distinctive and comic that foreign artists rarely understandso that Their surprised response is the greatest satisfaction to the Mexicans.

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