Nashville, USA.- This Sunday, August 7, Aguilar’s dynasty is celebrating a special date, which is why the ‘interpreter offear‘y’distilled love‘ recorded a video, in which he intended to share the joyful moment with his more than two million followers Instagram; However, at a certain point, his daughter, Angela, would say something the singer didn’t like, so he ordered her to shut up.

It appears today, Pepe Aguilar Partying, he turns 54 today, but due to his concert tour, Zaripo Without BordersNeither he nor his family were able to celebrate at his farm in Swat, ZacatecasAs they are Nashville, Tennessee, America, for a presentation. Despite the son wild flowers Made sure to have a great time with his family, where they celebrated with the trio Various cakes, the milk And a delicious one breakfast compounds the egg, fruit and some vegetable.

In the video you can see that, in the first example, the interpreter of ‘you promised‘, ‘I’m getting used to you‘y’my religion‘, get yours the bedWhich looks absurd, to focus later on a 1987 Martin C&O Acoustic Guitarvalued at approximately $3,199 (65,294 Mexican pesos), which was a gift from Angela Aguilar; However, the so-called nuisance Regional Mexican Princess It arose when Pepe joked about what might have happened a few hours earlier in his bedroom, whose interpreter where they see me He complained, saying to him, “Father!”

Gift from Angela Aguilar

Pepe Aguilar resents Angela’s actions, so he orders her to shut up: “Shut up!” A few seconds later, the singer’s third son, Leonardo, came into the room, so everyone went home. living roomWhere the interpreter’s wife For women like youAneliz, gave him a luxury watchWhich seems to be there diamond At the end, though, famously clarified that these could be false.

Birthday Cake / Pepe Aguilar shows off his birthday watch

It should be noted that, before all this, Angela Aguilar responded to her father for all the love and affection with which he raised her, which is why she shared with him social communication A moving message highlights the great appreciation she feels for him for being her father, but also her mentor. Artistic careerAs well as accompanying her to every event she must attend, such as her concert tour: Mexican in love:

Happy birthday @pepeaguilar_oficial. Thank you for taking care of us, guiding us, teaching us and pushing us. You are the most prepared, understanding, compassionate, honest, intelligent, genuine and hardworking person I know. A privilege to be your daughter and apprentice forever”, the famous declaration

Congratulations from Angela Aguilar
Credit: @angela_aguilar_

Sources: Tribune, Instagram @angela_aguilar_, @pepeaguilar_oficial

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