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Mexico City. After leaving Today’s program Several days ago, Televisa reported that his contract had expired Out of the closet inside Divine Net Rumors that he will be in Separated from her husbandIntroduce the replacement driver Galilea Montejo about the morning Marisol Gonzalezwho quit the show in mid-2021 as she claimed she wanted to spend more time with her family, especially her daughters.

Although its former driver TUDN And while the former beauty queen reiterated that this was the only reason, various media began reporting that it was for the allegations. the difference With Galilea, because it was always rumored that they couldn’t stand each other. Even entertainment journalists Alex Coffey Published in one of his columns. Coffey points out that Marisol decided to leave because allegedly “she Enmity is sick with which one of the morning headlines has always treated him”, referring to Guadalajara.

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On the other hand, YouTube channel Chakali also reported that Marisol has allegedly lost her exclusivity contract after she started rejecting the project at the time. Jackie Bracamonteswho came out Divine Net, and until it is vetoed. However, this was denied because Marisol was the digital host of the reality show Your Face Sounds Like Me and this Friday she was presented as a replacement for Galilea Montejo. this morning Celebrating his 24 years on the air during the week.

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  • Is Galilea Montejo going away permanently?

Rumors have been circulating since last year that Galilea is leaving Today’s program And from Mexico, especially after the scandals it has faced in the past year. There were several journalists who reported his impending departure due to alleged problems with his public image, which may have been a presumed reason. Executive ultimatum and his arrival Divine Net In an alleged attemptClean up your image

Just a few days ago, Guadalajara announced to the public that it would be leaving today For two weeks for the holiday, however, it transpired that it would be a fact Exclusivity Agreement After 27 years and more than 15 a.m., Televisa is over, so he will negotiate with the company to see if he will stay. On the other hand, the fact that she will separate from her husband also sounds strong Queen Ferdinand.

Will Galilea Montejo be separated from Fernando Reiner?

However, they met on Saturday, August 28 11 years of marriageNo one spoke to the network, although in previous years they had celebrated them anniversary style and dedicated themselves romantic message. Galileo expressed an outrage come out of the closet what”Heteroflexible“Not ruling out the idea that he might have had an affair with a woman, it is after assuming that he had an alleged affair with her. Maca Carrido And that he was unfaithful to Raina. It is noteworthy that this information remains as speculation until now and only the couple will be able to confirm or deny it.

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