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Undoubtedly one of the most popular soap opera leads of the 90s George SalinasThat was in 2006 He had a controversial relationship with Andrea Noli, since he was married to Fatima Bozio. From that adventureE was born to the actor Valentina, whom, to this day, the actor does not recognize as hisSo the actress became a single mother.

Now, the theater actress spoke for “Venga La Alegria” about how she went about raising her daughter as a single mother, since The hero of “Living in the wrong time” Valentina harshly criticized Noli for messing around with a married man with financial problems, raising Noli alone.

“Naam has helped me halfway around the world financially, I mean maternally, of courseMy friends who jumped for me, my dear friend Annette (Michelle) who has always been a guardian angel to me, there were times that even in debt, my daughter’s tuition helped me my brother... and when you feel desperate You don’t know how to treat this little boy who came into your life, you just have to look into his eyes and see that you are his world.” said the actress wisely.

Also, Andrea Noli admitted what it was like to deal with comments calling her a “husband-snapper” in the public eye: “All those whirlwinds came over me, I felt in the bubble during my pregnancy that nothing could happen. To me and I I stuck with what I felt for her (her daughter) and I said that what they feel is their judgment because I’m going to allow others to judge me”.

Andrea Noli apologizes to Fatima Bozio

Andrea Noli He admitted that there are things he now regrets, which is why he publicly apologized to Fátima Bozio, the ex-wife of Jorge Salinas and the mother of his children Santiago and Emiliano.

“I talked to him, I apologized, I took the bull by the horns, I didn’t cover the sun with my finger, I told it like it is.“, the actress revealed that she apologized but “I didn’t have an answer and shouldn’t have, you don’t need to have an answer, it’s from another person, it’s not up to you, When you’re young we make mistakes everywhere, but you have to learn to forgive yourself… If it’s a mistake, it’s something I’ll never do again in my life, but it’s something that brought me my Valentina “.

George Salinas has not accepted Valentina’s paternity to this day

In the interview, Andrea Noli revealed that she agreed to be a mother even though Jorge Salinas never answered her when she told him she was pregnant.

“Maybe the first five minutes I thought about not getting it but after those 5 minutes I said I have power, I have two hands, I have a job and I have every purpose and I know I’m going alone. (Jorge Salinas) was absent, there was no further discussion, it was not possible, the matter was known, it was known that he was going alone and the discussion ended.

The actor has a total of 6 children: With your current partner Elizabeth Alvarez He had twins Maxima and Leon, with Andrea Noli he was the father of Valentina, who would be his illegitimate daughter, in 2005 with Fatima Bozio they welcomed twins Jorge and Santiago and had his first daughter with Adriana Caetano; Gabriela Caetano, who is currently 25 years old.

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