• Zara is considered by Brand Finance as one of the most valuable apparel brands in the world.

  • Within the retail market, clothing sales have established themselves as a key asset in the market.

  • The retailer’s labor market inspired a study conducted by Daniel Research Group.

A working day Among the two leading brands clothing As in Mexico Corrosion Y AC Experience shows Retail And the opportunity that human capital has in this category.

labor market in Retail has had an impact on operations, which undoubtedly raises criteria for how to manage human capital Daniel Research GroupBy recognizing the principal volume of contracted capital.

in beloved Acknowledges for this 2026 The retail industry occupies more than one of the world’s major markets, such as the United States 8.76 million workers The company where they are employed 10 thousand people Or more.

This number is a key asset, to identify where each brand works based on market conditions Retail The labor market that operates and the nature, based on which the company’s proposition is considered to be consumer-facing innovation.

Given these trends, day by day learning becomes the best way to face the numbers and identify what is right in the industry through these fields. Undoubtedly there are trends, as Zara announced at one point, when in the midst of a transformation from physical to digital stores, it shifted receiving staff, moving them from closed stores to their work centers where they attended to orders. Online.

All of these served as examples to see how the labor market progresses clothingwith cases manifested in tick tockLike @dosiellopez or @vanidelamora, who discovered the consumers of this brand, what happens behind the mannequins.

Zara vs. C&A: All day’s work

Find out what a day at work is like Corrosion Inspired @vanidelamora to document for her followers tick tockAs he wakes up at home, he prepares and shows one of the activities he does in the shop, such as trying “ofni”, a common practice. clothing And it refers to the concept: “Object fashion Unknown”.

@vanidelamora -a day working at Zara #asmrvideo #chicozara #laborday #inditexmexico #styleblogger ♬ Gaslight – Eng

The boldness of this trend is now a projected employee bonus ACWho, from the time he wakes up and gets ready for his work in the store, until he enters through the employees’ entrance and, in the next situation, describes the work experience in the clothes of one of the brands that continue to work in Mexico, not only. Physical in its stores, also ventures into e-commerce sites like Mercado Libre.

Among the activities that @dosiellopez revealed, he explained that one of the tasks before finishing his shift in the store is to clean the fitting room, which means picking up the hooks that some customers have left in them.

@dosiellopez working at C&A for a day #trabajo #boridoeneltrabajo😼😜 #new this #hopeyou like it ♬ original words – dosiellopez1

This describes work experience activities clothingBut behind the storefront, where a core concept of understanding consumers starts at a critical point, recognizes their interest in getting to know brands from a human capital perspective.

With these examples and the numbers described in the labor market, there is no doubt that Retail It will continue to be an industry of great value to consumers and, most importantly, defining challenges that serve to think about strategies that tell us today about the value of interaction between the point of sale.

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