Olga Briskin was undoubtedly one The most admired and beloved Vette in the 70s and 80s In our country, as she managed to fall in love with her fans with her spectacular personality and beautiful face, while she enthralled millions with her dancing and singing talent.

Who is the actress and dancer? The file will be recognized as one of the most beautiful videttes in cinemas, something that stood out among his peers thanks to his talent for the violin Attracts the attention of some traders who invited him to perform in nightclubs, television programs and even films.

The indisputable beauty of Olga Bryskin led her to become A sexual symbol of time And whoever recognized him, regardless of who they were or what they did for a living, he won over; This is how she managed to seduce and conquer one of the most powerful men of the time: Terrified police chief “El Negro” Durazo.

Olga Bryskin’s rise to fame

Olga Briskin won in the 70s and 80s. Photo: Special

OLGA EUGENIA BRISKIN TORRESArtist’s Full Name, He started his career at the age of 17 When her father, the conductor and violinist Elias Briskin, dies, a situation that forces her and her brother to work in restaurants to earn money.

Over the years, it has jumped from such establishments to nightclubs in the capital, where He presented his personal shows through which he gained fame very quickly. Briskin began working on the popular show “Always on Sunday” and soon began his acting career on the big screen.

Vedette made her film debut in “Mexico at Night”. (1968), a film starring the leading man of the time, Valentin Trujillo, and the vedette of Cine de Oro, Rosa Carmina. since then The trajectory and popularity of the actress will increase and enjoyed great fame and fortune in the 1970s and 1980s.

Artists captivated by her beauty and talent. Photo: Special

Olga Briskin worked in film, television, in addition to giving shows in Mexico and the United StatesHowever, his career would begin to decline in the 1980s. It should be noted that at its height, thanks to his fame he was able to establish relationships with politicians and powerful Mexican businessmen, one of whom was the dreaded chief of police. Arturo Durazo Moreno, better known as “El Negro”.

Vedette’s close relationship with “El Negro” Durazo

The relationship between Durazzo and Briskin was only recently confirmed later Declassified files are released Recently, the current government Dr Follow up by Federal Directorate of Security The dreaded “Black” Durazo Moreno in his public life, and also in his private life, associated him with the famous Vedette for decades.

Briskin was associated with politicians and businessmen of the time. Photo: Special

Durazo is remembered for staying Head of the Federal District Police and Traffic Departments (now Mexico City), during the government of President José López Portillo, with whom he maintained a strong friendship. Document released He had great support from the political leaders of the timeAs well as it was an immense economic power.

“His wife left him for him He had an affair with Miss Olga Briskin (sic)”, reports detail where he was spied on with national security arguments. And though in many interviews Vedet was questioned about whether he had an intimate relationship with DurazoHe always denied it and assured that he was just a friend.

“A presidential candidate gave it to me My $3 million mansion in Pedregals with everything and wild animals, it was said that Durazo gave it to me but he was just my friend. Loyalty exists even in frivolous life And I was with his close friend”, he used to declare in one the interview Actress and singer.

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