• Social Blade explains that Luisito Communica along with Yuya and Kimberly Loiza are hugely influential figures on YouTube in Mexico.

  • Mercer measures the world’s top HR best practices. It contains 9 practical trends.

  • According to the training industry, the investment in human talent training maintains a unique projection of the expected number of billions of dollars in this segment.

Luisito communicates revealed his strategy human resources And everything you need to become YouTuber According to Mexico, with the biggest impact social blade.

His strategy is simple and based on the videos he publishes Youtube And like social networks FacebookThat adds up to millions of views, ceasing to be a typical content creator for a company hiring talent.

Around this practice, Mercer respect That’s the trend skills Critical personnel. Chief among them is one 2021 which research was carried out to identify new skills and capacity required for operation Post-Covid-19. The 53 percent HR professionals vote for this trend.

A 48 percent Its development has chosen skills For remote work and 45 percent Path exploration, development skills A company is based on the talents of each associate.

These are insight They express very interesting activities and are mainly based on opportunities that open up new types of employment. A great example of this happens with digital nomads, people skilled in this medium who work remotely, travel the world with the income they get from this work and always think about their journey based on it.

A brother abroad The investigation And this year they released the result of what kind of recruitment subject. For the most part, that is, 83 percent Among them, he admits that they are self-employed; 66 percent He said, they have their own business; other 34 percent Assured that they freelancer Or work by project and only one 17 percent Asked to work in a company.

Human Resources and Luisito Communica

Luisito confirmed being Communica YouTuber With the largest number of customers in Mexico, it is necessary to be a company that human resources publish their videos and publish a new one insight: The dominant Vacancies are opening in the labor market.

During an interview for Mecatitlan, A podcast Think about it, famous YouTuber He explained that he is based on two main editors, who take the cut material and carry out operations such as adding text and music.

Another position that manages Communica is “trimmer editor” and an administrator Facebook. Its strategy influencerHe explains, through outsourcing Community ManagerSo they release new videos, reuse old content, cut it down to convert 13-minute videos into one of five with social network format, content goes viral.

This work practice of Luisito Communica is not new, in fact it is a growing trend in the market, where personalities Only devotees They hire assistants to answer personal messages.

@juanlombana.mercatitlan My team is the key to making so many videos #youtube #creadoresdecontento #luisitocomunica #businesses #learnontiktok @luisitocomunica ♬ Love You So – King Khan and BBQ Show

Research conducted by Mail Magazine He said that this market of account managers follows the practice of cCommunity ManagerAs they create these persona passwords and users to reply to their messages.

the art of dominant This growth and the extent to which these businesses have to participate has inspired valuable jobs in human resources not only because of the creation of new vacancies, but also because of the increase in talent required for these new work activities.

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