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Mexico City. A lover from its past Eric RubinMarried for 22 years Andrea Lagarettais displayed Today’s program After discontinuing participation Televisa soap opera In the 90s after making the jump to Hollywood cinema. about Salma HayekThose who appeared with the driver this week morning after last year Rubin revealed that one of them in the 90s Temporary one night stand inside the fairies.

And it was Hayek, who was said to have had one Relationship with the then executive Television Victor Hugo O’Farrillstarred Teresa In 1989 and then decided Ditch the melodrama To try her luck in the American market (where she won and is currently one of the most successful international actresses), she appeared in a capsule that they remember this Friday, August 5 morning, because they remember the best moments. The program now turns 24 years on the air

Eric Rubin had a relationship with Salma Hayek

In the video, they recalled some of the great national and international guests who have accompanied them to the Forum over these 24 years, including Paris Hilton, Gloria Trevi, Belinda, Channen, Luis Fonsi, Joan Sebastian, Thalia, Drake Bell, Shakira and La Toya Jackson, Jenni Rivera Y known. As for Salma Hayek, the Veracruz woman admits that Mexico is always in her heart, and in an interview she told Andrea Legaretta that she was happy and excited to talk to her.

“I’m glad to talk to you and give you this interview, I feel like it’s like a morning coffee,” he told Lagaretta. “Right? You don’t have some cookies? We invite you to the stage,” Andrea joked, showing that she had no problem with the artist, although in reality the confession about the accusation for one night Came years later with her husband. And it will be remembered that the singer spoke of meeting ‘Golden Scorpion‘, revealing that it was in Los Angeles, California.

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“I was I ganja and a biscuit fell on me Very famous, who at the moment… well, I’m going to tell you,” recalled the producer, who was the two at the time single. “Besides, it was a really nice one-night stand, he had no commitments and neither did I.” After the exciting night they spent, Andrea’s husband revealed that he never saw her again, although he had a special affection for her: “Salma is incredible, I love her, I love her and I never saw her again,” he said.

It should be clear though that Salma was accompanied by several celebrities Pauline Rubio, Alejandra Guzman Y Maria Conchita Alonso As Rubin’s ex-boyfriend loves, the driver does not pay attention to negative rumors and assures that he has no interest in his daughters’ father’s love past, because there was never any betrayal involved and despite the fact that they considered Divorce for various the crisisManaged to get ahead and one of the hardest couples in the middle.

Andrea Lagaretta and Eric Rubin

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