Preocupa comportamiento de Ezra Miller, es captado con arma y chaleco antibalas

Although he acted in a film at the premiere of ‘The Flash’ Ezra Miller Scheduled for next June, anything can happen, because the actor has been arrested twice in Hawaii this year, in a case of disorderly conduct and on suspicion of assault, in addition, apparently, the actor’s mental health will not be at its best. .

The cancellation of “Batgirl” comes as Warner Bros. tries to revamp its DC Films operations, so there’s speculation that “The Flash” may not go as planned, or that Ezra Miller may no longer be around after this tape.

While these possibilities are up in the air, American fans are worried on social networks, as information circulates that the 30-year-old actor has been seen armed and wearing a bulletproof vest.

According to US media, the actor believes that he is being followed by the FBI or the Ku Klux Klan, which is why he exhibits paranoid behavior.

Today, little is known about Ezra’s whereabouts, with his name grabbing the media for abuse scandals, abduction of women and minors, improper handling of weapons, consumption of banned substances, fights and assaults in bars.

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What about Ezra Miller?

Ezra Miller had the qualities to stand out in a universe of names that flooded Hollywood talent agencies from time to time. Also, he was a musician: he played drums and sang. His work on the set was alternated with touring with Tri Sons of an Illustrious Father, famous for their version of rock with a jazz twist.

His first appearances were in series like “Californication” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” and his big break was in the drama “We Need to Talk About Kevin,” in which he played an unlikable and unwanted young man. Parents who just happened to be a murderous psychopath.

It was an exceptional debut and studios became interested in the young man from New Jersey who would later shine as the Flash in “The Perks of Being Invisible”, “Fantastic Beasts” stories and “Justice League”.

However, Miller could cost Warner Bros. $250 million if he fails to release The Flash, the film about the DC superhero who can beat the speed of light. And it is highly possible due to the scandal of the actor, who was fired from his salary a few months ago. Actually, it’s ringing Eliot Page To replace it in case of repeating the filming.

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The son of a successful Jewish publisher and a modern dancer, Ezra Matthew Miller grew up in a wealthy family and Language problemHe stutters, which he overcame by singing opera from the age of 4.

EFE file.

Thus he developed his love for music and cinema, his refuge when he was bullied at school. “I was trying to kiss guys,” she told Out in 2012. “I went from stuttering to a completely gay opera singer to a really confused queer teenager.”

Since he rose to fame in the early 2000s, Ezra has shown his edgy naturalness on red carpets and events: he’s always attracted attention for his attitude or his outfit—he arrived at a Comic Con dressed as one of the Mario Bros. mushrooms. After a while he revealed his Non-binary gender and became an activist for LGBTI+ community and environmental causes. But how did this handsome and talented boy find himself in the black hole?


A few days ago, details emerged of the place where Miller allegedly held a woman and her children for several days. Although the woman said she tried to protect him from her partner, the Vermont ranch where they were staying was full of weapons of all calibers and drugs. Several media even reported that a child “played with a bullet” that he found on the floor. In the space, about 300 square meters, Ezra created a kind of polyamorous refuge and encounter with nature.

In that place, Gibson Iron Eyes, a young 18-year-old Sioux woman who declared herself non-binary and with whom she had been friends for 6 years, would be held against her will. The girl’s parents – Tokata, in her native language – had earlier in June accused Ezra of manipulating her and supplying her with drugs and alcohol since she was 12 years old. Sara Jumping Eagle, the mother of the minor, said rolling stone: “Not only is she suffering from mental problems, but she’s also being taken advantage of by a predator.”

Apparently, Gibson clashed with Miller over an incident in Hawaii, where he attacked attendees of a karaoke bar after they performed a song he disliked. The actor starred in ten scandals, including the police, in less than two months he was in the peaceful Hawaiian town of Hilo.

diversity He learned the details of what happened at a Reykjavík bar in the spring of 2020, and at the time it was a viral video: a fan was apparently dancing with Ezra and he was trying to choke her by the throat. He also attacked some friends with chairs – who had bailed him out of jail. They decided to issue a restraining order against him.

Added to this are his scandalous comments on networks about the Ku Klux Klan, mental health or his confession as a teenager when he “burned, broke, screamed and hurt, tormented by belonging to a privileged class in a world with gross economic inequality.”

Erratic behavior has been a constant in Ezra’s life, but the recent allegations against him are extremely serious. Neither he nor his team appeared to respond.

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