The American was comfortable with her body (Image: TikTok/Instagram)
The American was comfortable with her body (Image: TikTok/Instagram)

selena gomez One of the American artists World’s most loved And after the Disney girl posed in a video unashamed of her natural belly, Daniel Bisogno He did not hesitate to attack her.

It all starts from the official account tick tock Famous, where she shared a clip in a bathing suit and sitting in a comfortable position Someone can be heard saying that in the audio his stomach To which the actress Wizards of Waverly Place Answer:

“I’m not going to give a shit. The real belly is back, right?The young woman was sentenced.

The video quickly went viral and reached over 16.7 million views, likewise, many users filled the comment box with positive messages towards the artiste.

“You are the most beautiful woman in the world.” “My great inspiration is Selena.” “A true queen.” “You’re right, women shouldn’t be victims of fashion stereotypes or non-realistic models.” “She gives me the self-esteem that I often lack,” netizens said.

But all was not hunky-dory, as the last broadcast time window, Presentation of notes to drivers tick tock Selena Gomez and Daniel Bisogno did not refrain from making sharp comments towards him.

“Selena Gomez, look, it’s fashionable to show hair, fish, flesh. here They ask him to add the stomach and he says no, he wants to rest it like Pulkero, But no stomach”, he said in the first instance.

However, Lynette Puente disagreed with her partner’s comments and noted that Selena’s message was good, because gender stereotypes should not be perpetuated. To which Bisogno attacked:

“The goal for photographs is no longer, not (they are realities that do not exist) “You see yourself as best you can in what you see.”punished

Finally, the controversial show host ruled that the public needed to be shown “naturally”.

“There is no reason to show moles with hair”the end

It should be noted that the criticism of Pati Chapoy’s friend is somewhat contradictory, because in earlier days the Mexican said that he was victim Body shaming (body shaming) When he lost weight. And it is that, on that occasion, the drivers were talking about Danna Paula, who received harsh comments for her body.

This is random against Bisogno hater Like hit’s interpreter hey paul is Sodium And mentioned that he also went through the same situation.

The driver launched another of his controversial comments (Image: SELLING)
The driver launched another of his controversial comments (Image: SELLING)

“Now that she’s thin, they criticize her, they’re a bunch of jealous people. With me, first it was thick, now that: ‘play sick’, they no longer know what to scrub with, Because I still want to make them happy, but never again,” the driver said before laughing at his program partners.

In 2020, Daniel Bisogno became a trend on social networks after appearing on national television with very few kilos. Thus speculation surrounds the reason for his physical change They didn’t wait and some internet users didn’t hesitate to think that she might have undergone cosmetic surgery or had any disease.

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