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Mexico City. an acquaintance Soap opera actorwho was one of the most sought-after leading men on Mexican television for 30 years TelevisaAppears on its networks Today’s program Well, his daughter Gabriela Katano One has to endure surgery About between the eyes George Salinaswho has suffered health problems in recent years that have left him On the brink of death And they have him Difficulty walkingWhat would he do with her? Gain a few kilos.

Salinas debuted on Televisa in 1991 and has starred in telenovelas such as Three women, Mariana of the night, virgin wife, fire in blood, my heart is yours Y passion and energy. In 2018, the 53-year-old actor He lost his exclusive contract On television and it was Caught in a wheelchair Due to various spinal problems. Then, in 2020, he was caught using a cane Difficulty walkingWhich made him gain weight, looking stranger.

George Salinas underwent a serious physical transformation

The soap opera heartthrob, who is married to the actress Elizabeth Alvarez After divorcing his first wife, he later explained that he suffered strong pain by Spine problems And was even supposed to die after an agony Pulmonary embolismBut refused to submit surgery Because there was a risk at the time to be paralyzed. Through therapy and exercise, she is able to slowly regain her figure and improve her health, and it is even said that she will return to Las Estrelas in a new melodrama.

Actor, who is married to a famous soap opera villain Elizabeth Alvarez, continued to work on the channel Las Estrellas despite no longer having a contract. Although he was away for a while in search of opportunities, he returned to participate I will give you life Y SOS I’m falling in love. Later he gave his life blind personA role that he initially refused to take up as he was not a hero, however, he admitted that it was a great work challenge.In 2011 he played a character in a wheelchair. That could not loveTelenovelas that are being rerun.

George Salinas had important work challenges

And now appeared on the account of the famous Mexican heartthrob Twitter of Today’s program Well, his daughter Gabriela Caetano-Salinaswhom he fathered with the beautiful actress Adriana Katano In the 90s. A few days ago, the histrion celebrated her birthday and she gave him a tender greeting, however, now they have reappeared on the same note as the dominant one surgery To remove a The fleshiness of his left eyeWhich left her with a black eye and slight swelling.

“The procedure takes about 6 minutes. The whole procedure takes 20 minutes. First they put a few drops in your eye to numb the area a little bit. Then they go in with several injections of lidocaine inside and above the eyelid. . . . they go under the eyelid. Using a tool, which turns it inside out. They make a small incision and start extracting the chalazion. They remove, put gauze over the eye for about 15 minutes,” he said through her. Instagram stories.

Twitter @program_today

After the intervention, Jorge Salinas’ daughter showed the procedure through photographs and clarified that he was recovering for several days. As of this Tuesday he showed the result and commented that it doesn’t hurt him anymore, so it will continue to improve in the next few days: “It’s not there anymore. puffy eyes, still purple, but in a few days it will clear. The red is completely normal, the doctor told me many times, it doesn’t hurt anymore,” he concluded.

Gabriela demonstrated the process

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