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Motherhood is a super challenging phase in every aspect, Take care of a new being coming out of your womb, feed it, protect it and feel the great love for someone you have never felt before. It is a beautiful process but at the same time its painful, aromatic subtlety and as we said at the beginning complex: challenging.

It’s also a self-love challenge. Your body has changed, no doubt, accepting and loving the ability to create life becomes difficult… very difficult… and then we add work, personal plans, religious beliefs and endless things to make things even more complicated.

Now, imagine doing this entire process alone. It is actually much more common than we imagine and those women deserve the whole world. There are quite a few single mothers among celebrities but there are also a good number of celebrities who were raised by one.

Successful, strong, independent women who raised diligent, educated, healthy and hard-working children who are now known around the world. They are certainly appreciated and recognized.

Celebrities who were raised by single mothers

Barack Obama

Its childhood story Barack Obama It is quite interesting and surprising. Raised by former President of the United States Stanley Ann Dunham with whom she had a son, the result of her marriage to Barack Obama Sr. Their marriage broke up when the politician was only one year old. His father never took care of him as he had another family in Kenya. So his mother had to work hard to advance her son. He never imagined that he would be the first black president of his country.

Justin Bieber

The young Canadian singer was raised by Patti Mallett, her mother who had her at the age of 18. Many people offered her an abortion but she knew she could carry on with her little one. She’s put her addictions aside and worked hard to make sure her little boy doesn’t miss out, because Justin Bieber’s father ran away when he was only ten months old.

She assured that the singer’s father, Jeremy Bieber, was always by her side and focused on her upbringing, but in reality she takes credit because he was a constant figure in her life, supporting and teaching her until she became one of the singers. Most important in the industry today.

Angelina Jolie

We discussed that Angelina Jolie She bears a striking physical resemblance to her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, who always dreamed of becoming a recognized actress but never achieved it. The day she married Jon Voight, her dreams ended and she had to fight against his apathy and violence, her goal far from being famous in Hollywood.

Despite all her obstacles and difficulties, Marcheline knew how to get out of this mess and raise Angelina Jolie, who fulfilled her mother’s dream: to become one of the most famous, millionaire and famous actresses in Hollywood cinema.

kanye west

On his last album we heard the rapper pay tribute to his mother many times Donna West, who became pregnant at age 20. Her partner left her and the strong, always strong woman had to get two jobs to be able to support her son who would later, thanks to her unconditional support, become a successful musician and later one’s husband (now ex-husband). Most famous in the industry.

Jennifer Aniston

In various interviews Jennifer Aniston He mentions how complicated his relationship with his father was since childhood. Nancy Dow, his mother, separated from John Aniston and raised him as her own. The actress grew up as happy, calm as possible, with everything she needed for her daily life and there was no shortage of food on the table.

She later became one of the most important actresses in Hollywood and became widely known for her role as Rachel Green in the film “Friends”. As an adult, he was able to reconcile with his father and have a more tolerable relationship, but he will be forever grateful to his mother, who unfortunately passed away in 2016.

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