5 photos of Ben Affleck before and after he married Jennifer Lopez

For two decades, stupid He is considered one of the most sought-after leading men in Hollywood, dating back to the early 2000s when he was two Jennifer LopezHowever, she went through a great evolution over time, and even, after several failed relationships, she got back into a relationship with J-Lo, so you can see 5 Photo How did the actor look? before Y after of get married With famous actresses and singers.

After many years as a child actor ben He rose to world fame after becoming a hero in the film ‘Armageddon’, and soon after he starred in another box office hit ‘Pearl Harbour’, which made him a Hollywood celebrity, however, his popularity faded when it was released. That he was in a relationship Jennifer Lopez.

Affleck start dating jennifer After starring together in the film ‘Gigley’ in July 2002, and the two appeared in the film ‘Jersey Girl’, as well as the music video for the song “Jenny from the Block”. Their relationship, nicknamed “Benifer”, became very mediated and the two covered all parts of the world.

Although this was one of the favorite couples in entertainment and even had wedding plans, stupid Y Jennifer Lopez They parted on good terms in 2004, as the actors assured that their split was due to the massive public and media pressure around them, so both chose to go their separate ways.

then, ben He started dating actress Jennifer Garner in October 2004 after developing a good friendship on the sets of ‘Pearl Harbor’ and ‘Daredevil’. Finally they got engaged in April 2005 and married In June 2005 in a private ceremony in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

despite Affleck He had a good love life, went through professional ups and downs for several years, so he became an unprofitable actor, and as if that wasn’t enough, he had an alcohol problem. This combined and apparently caused problems in his marriage, so he and Garner divorced in 2018.

Despite this emotional situation, stupid Ever since he gave life to the character of Bruce Wayne aka Batman in the DC Comics film saga in ‘Justice League’, he became stronger and showed off an imposing physique. It was like that after some time, the actor gave himself another chance at love and started dating the beautiful actress Anna de Armas, and although the public and the media liked the couple, their relationship was short-lived, since they were only together. For a year, their romance ended in 2020.

later, when Affleck Keeping out of the spotlight, she became the center of attention by resuming a relationship with him Jennifer Lopezwhich ended two decades ago. Although it seemed that the actors wanted to take their relationship slowly, they surprised by getting engaged and married very spontaneously this 2022.

However, since ben i know case with Jennifer LopezHe’s been seen losing muscle mass since the couple immediately went on their honeymoon, but the photos show the strange bond JLo and JLO made between the actor. Affleck Before reaching the altar, as it was leaked to various media that the singer asked her fiance to have sex at least four times a week during their marriage.

This is how this actor is seen in recent days Photo With much thinner and darker circles, so at this point he looks unrecognizable and has a slightly weaker physical appearance compared to what he has shown throughout his career and mainly, when he is recording his scenes as Batman.

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