• It is estimated that there are just over 9.9 million people with a bank-issued credit card within the national territory.

  • Currently more than 51 mobile banking tools are developed by at least 32 banks

  • BBVA dominates digital tools market over banks like Santander Mexico, Banorte, Banca Affirm

In the new normal, it has become common for people to transact with increasingly digital, virtual and plastic payment systems, resulting in less and less frequent use of cash and some internet users constantly falling prey to “mistakes”. Pay more or less due to carelessness or server failure. This is a viral case of a network user He accidentally spent more than $600 (about 12,205 Mexican pesos) at a bakery and revealed some of the dangers of digital banking while trying to deal with the situation.

As indicated by the National Survey of Financial Inclusion (ENIF) 2021, it is estimated that in Mexico, 18 million adults have a credit product issued by a department store, A slightly more contested figure than this 9.9 million who have a credit card issued by a bank; However, that number can increase with non-traditional bench foundations and fintech Businesses that offer digital payments, eg Rapi card or payment market.

In the last few months alone, at least 32 banks have developed just over 51 mobile banking tools, with BBVA Mexico developing the most tools, followed by Santander Mexico, Banorte, Banca Affirme and Banco Multiva, which have three each.

$600 mistake at bakery exposes digital banking risk

Various inadvertent errors occur while making certain payments in daily life; This is usually for an amount that usually does not affect the family economy, unlike what happened to the network user @fionarobinson, who went viral for buying a few pieces of bread and transferring more than 12 thousand pesos.

“Time for the story of how my friend who lives in the US spent $600 on bread” caption accompanied the viral video, adding “never seen before: the most expensive bread of your life” humorously.

The young woman, who noted that she went to pay for bread around 7:30 p.m., asked for two flutes for 26.07 Mexican pesos. However, the funny and problematic moment occurred when, during payment, three extra zeros were added.

I think the point is comma and I left 170,000 pesos in the Mercado Pago”, This is to ensure that the application authorizes payments without problems since it is configured in Argentine pesos and not in dollars.

@fionarobinson never seen before. The Most Expensive Bread of Your Life♬ Original Words – FionaRobinson

However, the woman’s concern came to light after a while, when she was asked by her mother what such a sum of money had been spent on. At first, the young woman thought she was a victim of a scam because she didn’t spend that much, so During transaction check time, I understood that the charge was in the bakery

“How am I going to explain to my mother what bread was!”He commented on the short video.

@fionarobinson @catadistaso ♬ Key Words – Reply to Fionarobinson

Shortly after the comical moment arises, the young woman goes to the bakery first thing in the morning to solve what happened, so the manager gets into a sort of confusion while explaining the situation and changes; nevertheless, The dispute was clarified and the woman was able to receive the money via a Mercado Pago transferA situation that reveals one of the potential risks to users, since fraud attempts through spam messages have recently increased, as indicated by the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Service User Financiers (CONDUSEF), who warns of the digital banking phenomenon in 2021. , while 52 percent more complaints of bank fraud were registered, mainly through phone calls, messages and emails.

For users, knowing the stories that reveal the risks they are susceptible to in the new digital normal is a way to caution the use of technology and prevent similar situations; Therefore, social networks play an increasingly informative role.

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