• The interest that consumers have in product prices follows a simple logic given the obvious inflationary conditions prevailing in the world. PwC.

  • Consumer habits have changed Survey monkey Explains the main insight after inflation.

  • A Blender Price and Comparison Between Walmart Y amazon Current spending is a key exercise.

Walmart It was a scene of a couple arguing. The video not only made the controversy go viral, but also a discount with which it expires in value amazon.

Consumers’ main obstacle to this inflation is the rise in commodity prices. A Study of PwC Informs us that consumers interviewed worldwide have accepted the opinion more 50 percentThe price of that product is the main problem in their consumption behavior.

This percentage parameter reveals the role of price for the consumer and why a viral video goes beyond a simple disagreement, becoming a case study.

The foregoing has a second basis, based on statistics that measure the strength of consumer portfolios in the United States, where the presence of inflation is radical. Survey monkey to explain That’s one 44 percent Those interviewed have reduced the number of times they go out to eat. other 34 percent He doesn’t buy clothes like he used to 26 percent He traditionally stopped eating meat and 24 percent Reduced their spending on alcohol consumption.

The consumer’s attention is focused on the price, he is fond of the fact that the labels of the goods and services will affect his economy, which is why he has already accepted the changes in his habits, also because of the contrast between the price of a blender. Walmart Y amazon Not just a viral video, but also inspire new spending habits based on price comparisons.

There are countries today with a great history of marketing like Italy measurement As he drove idealInternet sites that residents of that country use to compare prices

The 56 percent Resort Marketplace; 50 percent I went to compare prices on the site web Y 46 percent Store to online store, until you find a price that catches your eye.

A viral blender

According to the Italians idealA comparison between amazon Y Walmart shows that established by retail Sam Walton Beat the price of a blender amazon.

The story begins with a video that “the lady Low price” posted on his account tick tock And as if it’s a blockbuster movie franchise, he posted four videos related to a blender Hamilton Beach of 799 pesosAdd up to approx 23 million Breeding

It started with a supposed video that he would record Walmart, to feature a blender from the aforementioned brand, which was really cheap. While starting to record in the appliance department, the woman hides to document a disagreement between a couple, where she was looking for her husband to buy the product, but he refused at the time.

The excitement recorded by the woman’s insistence on taking the blender makes the person responsible for the video argue that the blender was really cheap, as it sells for over two thousand on sites like Amazon. pesos, while in physical stores Walmart A 799 pesos until August 30, 2022.

The price of HB Blender on Amazon adds up to 2 thousand 409 pesos asked by Merca2.0 e-commerce site.

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