• A study by Atlantia Research found that pet ownership in Mexico has increased despite a decline in child births.

  • Perrhijos concept establishes new actions that the consumer follows in his daily habits, such as increasing his spending on wellness products.

  • A survey by the National Retail Association revealed the top leisure activities pursued by dog ​​and cat owners.

Mobility, pets and content are new formulas in its market the dogA segment that leaves behind the normal to scale wellness concepts and insights that grow with a case without waste, adding Paw Patrol and a tablet to the formula.

The dog segment has revealed the statistics with which it is measured in the market and with this it bets on the important tasks in front of the consumer, defining the tasks that have grown in front of the consumer, defining the relevant activities of consumption, motivated by furry people. home.

There is a complete Study of Atlantia Research Where is the performance of this segment in the market the dogAnd a point passed: In Mexico there is a contraction in the number of babies born in 20 percent of Mexican households, in contrast to an increase in pet adoptions of 17 percent.

The role played by pets in the home expresses the interest of homeowners in the care for animals, creating unique habits that manage to determine an important task in use: understanding the defined market.

The insight The dog gets out of control

22 million reveal the lack of reproductive control that exists insight Dogs and their owners. @LolaBromby The author of this piece, in which he shows how his dog is anxiously waiting for a tablet to arrive for repair, since he broke it. The device was bought especially for the use of pets and once it went under its snout, its behavior was surprising, as with its paws it directed YouTube to choose a video, which they later showed. Paw patrolWhich initially holds their attention, wagging tails and barking excitedly at the series’ action scenes.

Not only is the story about unrestrained reproduction on networks, but comments responding to the video also recognize the animal’s behavioral intelligence.While others find it ironic that since they were young they already know how to respond to such videos, because “they already came up with another video. Chip

@lolabrambi I don’t think it will last long🥲♬ Original words – Nore Brumby

This anecdote is an important precursor to how Dog ownership has become more dynamic in the market and the habit that has developed around the furry people of the home has increased the interestTo evaluate the coexistence generated between these and home consumers.

The National Retail Federation In this case, approx What are the favorite leisure activities among dog and cat owners?

For dog owners, 60 percent He said he likes listening to music, 57 percent To search the internet and 57 percent Goes to the movies These preferences are repeated in preference among cat owners, only with percentages 62, 60 Y 55 percentrespectively.

Along with this behavior of the house owners the dog, Harris Poll sure what’s inside 2020 US customers are willing to pay up to 201 thousand dollars A year their dog and $687 In case of cats.

This willingness to spend on family pets is a sign insight On which new behavior is being determined among dog owners, because they are not only willing to buy food premium Or supplements specifically designed for your pet’s condition, now, as if it were a child that wasn’t worth studying Atlantia ResearchTechnology such as a tablet is purchased for animals to interact with content designed for minors.

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